Erebus Operation Overdue

Operation Overdue Staff

Operation Overdue (special mention)

Led by Chief Inspector James (Jim) MORGAN

Inspector Robert Mitchell, led the Antarctica phase.

Chief Superintendent Brian Davies, the overall Operation Coordinator.

Superintendent Ian Mills, who devised Disaster Victim Identification procedures.

Chief Inspector Brian Fahey, who supervised an Interpol communications system for overseas next-of-kin enquiries.

Mary Greig and Mary Ratchford who provided typing and clerical services for sustained periods.

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand Peter Alexander Strong

Mortuary Technician Edward John Russell

Forensic Dentist Dr Maurice Craig Churton

Forensic Pathologist Dr Timothy David Koelmeyer


The Operation Overdue Body Recovery Team – Antarctica

New Zealand Police:

Russell Blackler
Gregory Gilpin
Trevor Horne
Brett Jones
Stuart Leighton
Mark Penn
Peter Rodger
Bruce Thompson
Alistair Windleburn
Peter Younger


John Stanton
Roy Arbon
John Keys
John Barnett
Colin Monteath
Eric Saggers
Hugh Logan
Darryl Thomson
Keith Woodford
Ray Goldring

US Navy Servicemen:

Charles Hitchcock
Brian Vorderstrasse
Dennis Kyne
Thomas Mccabe
Brian Wurth

Operation Overdue Mortuary Staff (NZ Police)

Senior Sergeant Nicholas Philip ANDERSON

Sergeant Steven William ARMITAGE
Constable Dennis Arthur BIRCH
Constable Joanne BIRDLING
Constable Pauline Lucy BLAKELOCK
Constable Bruce Edward BLAYNEY
Constable Anthony Pieter BOOTSMA
Senior Sergeant Bryant Bernard BOWERMAN
Sergeant Kevin Thomas BOYLE
Constable Rodger Henry BRICKLAND
Detective Sergeant Thomas Vincent BRIEN
Constable Karen Lorraine BROOKS
Constable Ernest Allan BROUGHTON
Constable Fiona BROWN
Constable Kevin Stanley BROWN
Constable Norma Bertha BROWNE
Sergeant Russell Michael BROWNE
Constable Colin Edward BUCKLEY
Constable Garth Asby Wills BURLEIGH
Constable Paul Michael Callister BURNS
Constable Peter Croft BURRIDGE
Constable Alan Robert CAMPBELL
Sergeant Derek Edward CANTELO
Sergeant Allan Donald CANTLEY
Constable Ian John CARR
Constable Raymond Martin CARTER
Detective Inspector Ronald Ian CHADWICK
Detective Inspector Michael Gwyther CHARLES
Constable William David CHARLTON
Constable Pamela Janis CHIPMAN
Constable Robyn Lenora CHRISTIAN
Sergeant Trevor Andrew CHURCH
Detective Edward William John CIURLIONIS
Sergeant Richard Edwin CLARKSON
Constable Wayne Ashley COCKBURN
Constable Stuart Bruce CONN
Constable John Sydney CONNORS
Constable Donald Stephen CONWAY
Constable Ronald Ernest James COOM
Inspector Ross Philip DALLOW
Detective John Lionel DEARING
Sergeant Mervyn Harold DEDMAN
Constable Arnold George DICKEY
Constable Alastair Ross DICKIE
Sergeant John Joseph DOOLEY
Sergeant Roderick Philip DRUMMOND
Sergeant Hugh Phippard EATON
Constable Kilawa ELISAIA
Detective Constable Timothy Cavanagh FINLAY
Sergeant David Joseph FINNIE
Constable George Patrick FRASER
Constable Krystyna FRYCKOWSKA
Constable Christopher Michael GALLAGHER
Constable Andrew Roger GENTRY
Sergeant Malcolm Ernest GEORGE
Sergeant Desmond John GIBSON
Constable Barry Thomas GILL
Constable Graham Scott GLENNIE
Constable Robert Christopher GORST
Senior Sergeant Angela Mary HARWOOD
Constable Anne-Marie HAWKE
Constable Stuart Charles HOUCHEN
Constable Robert Douglass HUGHES
Sergeant Brian Frank Vivian HUNTER
Constable Pauline Beatrice JOBLIN
Constable Trefor JONES
Constable Patrick Joseph KEIR
Constable Dennis James KITNEY
Constable John Francis KLINGENBERG
Constable Robert KNOX
Constable Derek Keith LAWFORD
Constable Thomas William LEWIS
Constable John Sidney LINSCOTT
Detective Sergeant David Claude LUCAS
Sergeant Rex David LUCINSKY
Detective Constable Warren Thomas MANSELL
Constable Alexander Gregory McMANUS
Sergeant Wayne Todd McNEIL
Sergeant Peter Anthony MILDENHALL
Superintendent Ian Lindsay MILLS
Constable Kevin Ross MONTAGUE
Chief Inspector James MORGAN
Sergeant Ronald John MORRIS
Senior Sergeant Keith James MORROW
Constable Carl NICOLL
Constable Peter David NISBET
Detective Sergeant Alesana Marcellus NU’U
Constable Richard Edward PAK
Constable Wendy Anne PATON
Sergeant Robert Henry PROUTING
Constable Terrence Moss RICHARDSON
Constable Margaret Evelyn ROBERSTON
Constable Floyd Richmond Frederick ROSCOE
Constable Murray Roy ROSENBROOK
Constable James Turnbull RUSSELL
Constable Harley Dene SAUNDERS
Constable John Alexander SAUNDERS
Sergeant James Warren SAWERS
Constable Alan Frank SHEARER
Constable John Keith SMITH
Sergeant Roger Ernest STEVENS
Constable Ross Forbes STEWART
Constable Richard James STRACHAN
Detective Constable John Leslie STRINGER
Constable Allan David STUART
Sergeant Ian Andrew SUTHERLAND
Constable Phillip Richard TAYLOR
Constable Stewart Tawaroa TE TANA
Constable David TEMPLETON
Constable David John TURNER
Constable Neville William WATKINS
Sergeant Graham Charles WEBBY
Sergeant Ian WEDGWOOD
Constable Trevor Lester WHITE
Constable Eric Clinton WICK
Constable Alastair Bruce WILLIAMS
Constable Catherine Ann WILLIAMS
Constable David Gertie WONGTUNG
Detective Constable John William WORDSWORTH
Constable Wayne James WRIGHT
Sergeant Earl Harding WYATT
Constable Christopher Ray Duncan YATES